Silver and Sonoran Dentritic Rhyolite Pendant SN290


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Sonoran Dentritic Rhyolite is a new stone, only discovered in the year 2009 by a Mexican goat herder. As the pale blue or grey stone was formed, the rhyolite was fractured in the growth process and the fractures were infiltrated with an iron rich silica, leaving delicately delineated reddish brown fern-like quartz dendrites in its path. This particular round semi-circular cabochon displays a glorious swirl of pastel shades and was cut and polished in our own work shop. It is simply set in a 5mm silver surround, and has two strong 3/4 bails on the back in 2mm round wire, allowing for the free movement of most chains. We recommend hanging this pendant on one of our medium heavy silver Omega chains SCH03, as displayed, although, it will look great on any strong chain you may already own. Please note, a CHAIN IS NOT INCLUDED in the stated price. This piece has been 925 stamped.

Weight 27 g
Dimensions 30 × 45 × 9 mm


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