Ocean Wave Jasper and Silver Pendant SN166 SOLD July 2013

This unusually coloured, asymetrical shaped and flat topped, Ocean Wave Jasper cabochon from Madagascar ( approx 30mm x 45mm), was cut and polished in our own workshop. This stone is probably THE most popular and sought after lapidary and collector rock in the world, currently. First mined in NW Madagascar in the early 1900′s the seam was only accessible at low tide. This, and given the characteristic patterning of the stone likened to an ocean spray, gave rise to its name. Mining ceased in the 1920′s but the seam was rediscovered 10 years ago by a pair of explorers, although, it is now rumoured that mining has ceased once again. The range of colours and patterns in this stone is perhaps unsurpassed in the world of Jaspers. This particular stone, has a range of unusual colours. Greens, reds, yellows and pinks in horizontal bands and characteristic “sea spray” patterns, create an almost garden like effect. It is simply set in a 5mm silver surround with a top decoration of silver gallery strip to echo the patterning in the stone. The whole piece is framed by a surround of 2mm round silver wire The reverse of the piece carries two strong 8mm bails in 2mm round wire, allowing for the free movement of a chain. CHAIN NOT INCLUDED in the stated price. We recommend hanging this pendant on one of our medium heavy silver Omega chains SCH03, or, as displayed one of our flexible 3/4 hollow silver collars SC01, although it will look great on any strong chain you may already own. This piece has been 925 stamped.


Weight 29 g
Dimensions 35 × 55 mm