Asymmetric Silver and Marramamba Tiger Eye Pendant SN276


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Tiger eye is a magnificent gemstone with a changeable silky lustre called Chatoyancy which arises from the stones stringy structure.
Most deposits of Tiger eye are found in Southern Africa. But there is a very unique and rare form of the stone called Marramamba, found only in Australia in the Pilbara region in the North west. Unlike regular African Tiger eye, Marramamba often contains patterns of blue, red, yellow and green in one stone. This particular stone, cut and polished in our own workshop, contains streaks of shiny grey hematite amongst the lines of brown and yellow jasper.
The two deposits of Marramamba are found near Mount Brookman but have recently been mined out and consequently, Marramamba Tiger eye now considered to be quite rare.

Weight 26 g
Dimensions 59 × 23 × 9 mm


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