Jewellery Care

Although it is a metal, sterling silver is soft enough to mark when in contact with harder objects, and it may also tarnish with wear. To keep your jewellery in the best possible condition, we recommend the following care.

  • Never spray perfume or cosmetics on or near your jewellery.
  • Keep your jewellery away from chlorine as found in swimming pools, bleach, hair perming and dying solutions, as well as and especially substances containing sulphur (which will turn silver brown or black) found in some sun lotions, medicated lotions such as ‘ head and shoulders’ and ‘clearasil’, also sulphur treatment baths and even hard boiled eggs!
  • Clean your jewellery occasionally with a high quality silver cloth.
  • Sea water will dull the shine on silver, as will the normal residue off oils on our skin, but a wash with a mild soap (like ‘fairy liquid’) and a gentle rub with a clean cloth will restore the shine.
  • Never put semi precious stones in any kind of ‘silver dip’.
  • Given care, your jewellery will give you a lifetime of wear and pleasure.