And so, with the small stone safely in his pocket, the first step was taken that brings us to the here and now. A lifelong love of travel and gemstones, over the years, resulted in visits to exotic locations and a large collection of gemstone rough and finished stones from around the world. The jungle greens of Malachite from the Katangan copper belts of Zaire and Zambia. The midnight and ultramarine blues of Lapis Lazuli from the Afhan Hindu Kush. Turquoise from the deserts of Arizona and New Mexico. Iridescent opals from the new world of Australia, precious Jades from the ancient Kingdoms of China and the famous Blue Moonstones from Ratnapura, the “City of Gems”. Agates from Brazil, Jaspers from the Rocky Mountains. Sapphires, Rubies and Emeralds, the currency of kings, and of legend.

From learning to cut and polish stones, it was only a small step to learn how to fashion the finished stones into jewellery. In the early eighties, with my partner, we opened our first retail outlet, the “Silver Tree” in Lancaster near the English Lake District. Another branch was opened in 1991 called “Amulet Jewellery” in Kirkby Lonsdale in the beautiful Vale of Lune. In 1994 we relocated to Gibraltar and Spain where we opened our new and present outlet, “The Silver Shop” on the high street in Gibraltar Town. This website is a culmination of 40 years of continuous growth of the business of cutting stones and jewellery making.